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Plastic Plaque Products

We are excited to announce that the Harms family acquired Plastic Plaque Products as of the Fall of 2021. The Harms family has been in the precast concrete industry since the 1950s and the burial vault industry since the 1980s. We have been a customer of Plastic Plaque for many years and have firsthand tried and trusted many of the products we are still selling to this day. We understand the importance of having unique burial vault decorations to customize our vaults to honor our families. Like many of you, we are a small family business and believe the best way to serve our clients and families is to be able to provide them with the best products.

We look forward to carrying on the company that has provided a variety of products to enhance the appearance of your vaults since 1948. We will continue to manufacture high quality products and ship them out quickly, so you always have what you need, when you need it.  We welcome special requests and suggestions and will do our best to fulfill these requests if possible. Additionally, please do not hesitate to provide any feedback to improve how we can serve you. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so if there are any issues with our products or service, we will make it right by you every time.

Lastly, we appreciate how welcoming every one of you has been as we venture into this side of the funeral industry. We cannot wait to hear from you and/or hopefully meet you at a future convention. Thank you for your continued support and business.


The Harms Family